For science fun, try making our glitter tubes. You can test the viscosity of different liquids by using a combination of water, oil, and glitter. 

For social studies excitement, create a fall family tree. We provide the materials and instructions, you provide the pictures of your family, and discuss your family community.  


Every kit has a fun craft that you can do with your child. Crafts help to build fine motor skills, problem-solving, critical thinking, and language development. Children learn to read and comprehend when they have phonics AND a good vocabulary. These crafts are thematic and help promote a stronger vocabulary and encourage discussions. They also help to build good fine motor skills needed for writing. 

Some crafts include making a photo frame, a splatter art craft with paint, creating hanging flower ornaments, making a treat tie, making a feather wreath, making a first day of school sign, creating a nature collage, wrapping a mummy, and much more!

Explore science with us, some activities include, glitter tubes to explore viscosity, and magnetic properties, rain sticks and sound exploration, fireflies in a jar and luminescent properties, sink and float, using our sense of smell with smelling bottles, and much more!


Discover the joy of learning with our educational games and activities for young kids – now available in our sample kit!

Our sample kit includes a variety of fun and engaging activities designed to improve skills in literacy, math, and science. Our sample kit is perfect for parents who want to help their children develop essential skills while having fun together. The sample kit gives you one literacy activity, one math activity, one exploratory science activity and a craft to do together. 

Order your sample kit today and watch your child’s love of learning grow as they explore the world around them.

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