What comes in each kit?

Each kit comes with one phonics activity, one math activity, one social studies or science activity and one themed monthly craft. Many of the activities involve some crafting or creating as well. They are meant to keep kids busy and engaged. The majority of the materials are included. Basically, if we can provide it, we do. We want this to be as convenient as possible. However, sometimes, you will need an item we cannot provide, for example a hot glue gun. Any not included items will be labeled.

How will this help my child?

The science of reading has shown that children need systematic, explicit phonics instruction. *Depending on the estimate(19), anywhere from 1 percent to 7 percent of children figure out how to decode words on their own, without explicit instruction. In short, children benefit significantly from consistent phonics practice. Math skills also require practice and repetition. Many of the reading and math activities can be continually used, providing many opportunities for instruction and practice.
*Schwartz, Sarah and Sparks, Sarah. How Do Kids Learn to Read? What the Science Says. Education
Week. October 04, 2019. https://www.edweek.org/teaching-learning/how-do-kids-learn-to-read-what-the-

How long do the activities take to complete?
The completion time varies. Most of the crafts and social studies/science activities will take at least 30 minutes to complete but many of the reading and math activities were created with continuous use in mind. They can be used for shorter periods of time daily. Subscribers will eventually have a collection of activities that teach a variety of skills in phonics and math. The crafts many require more time and space to complete. Younger children many only be able to do 10-30 minutes at a time. So breaking up a more time-consuming activity into smaller tasks is advised.
Can they do it independently?
These activities require supervision and initially you will need to instruct them and give feedback to foster growth. As they become more proficient in their skills, they will also become more independently able to complete the tasks.
How does the subscription work?
Subscriptions can be purchased on our website. We have two options, a six-month subscription and a one-year subscription. Subscriptions can be canceled anytime online.
Why should I purchase this?
If you have a child between the ages of 3-6 that could benefit from phonics and math practice, this is for you. The activities could be completed with a parent, a care provider, a grandparent, etc. The activities were designed to be fun and engaging yet systematic and explicit. They are not drill and kill or worksheets.
What ages can this be used for?
Any child starting at age 3 can benefit from these activities. While they are designed to help prepare children for Kindergarten and supplement Kindergarten, even 1 st graders that are needing supplemental instruction can benefit.
Is it good for travel?
Many of these reading and math games and activities are easy to transport and require just a few items that can be easily stored as well. For instance, the Go Fish game would be great item to put in a bag to take with you.
Can grandparents or caregivers use this?
Yes! This would be great for anybody! We included some simple instructions in addition to the QR code. The concepts of the activities are simple and easy to teach and explain. They don’t have complicated instructions or involve a lot of parts. You may want to consider the amount of time you have, as some crafts are more involved and/or time-consuming than others.